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Taraji P. Henson is giving fans a bit more than they’re accustomed to seeing in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. The actress poses topless in the issue, which also features her on the cover sporting a crown.


The spread is a promotional move for her hit show Empire, a role which just landed her a third Emmy nomination. “Cookie has all kinds of fans, all,” says Henson of her part on the show. “I get it. She’s my alter ego — we all need a Sasha Fierce [Beyoncé’s alter-ego].”

“Cookie has pushed me to be a better performer/actor because she requires so much of my energy. She’s a very difficult character to portray because she can come off stereotypical, loud, sassy so it’s very important that I give her depth, that I give her the whys to the reasons she acts the way she does.”

As for Season 3 of the show, Henson says the theme will be a very clear “light versus dark.”


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