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Need A Good Hangover Meal? Chrissy Teigen Spills Her Secret



There is nothing worse than a bad hangover. And if you are a reader over the age of 27, you’ll know that the older you get, the worse the hangover. But thanks to Chrissy Teigen, the day after might now be a tad more bearable.

With Hollywood parties constantly in full swing, many celebrities are taking back the booze and oftentimes waking up bright and early the next morning for work. While most reach for something greasy like a burger to soak up the alcohol, Chrissy Teigen relies on a family recipe as her favorite hangover meal.

“My mom [Vilailuck] is Thai and she would always make this hearty, slow-cooked porridge for us,” she revealed to PEOPLE in the publication’s exclusive video series, My Food Story. “It just always smelled like home to me. It was a baby food for us because it was such a nice rice porridge.”

According to the Sports Illustrated model, the meal, called Jok Moo, allows you to pick whatever flavor you want. “I loved being able to have control over my own spices and seasonings,” Teigen said. “I just remember every piece of pork being so spicy and well-seasoned. It had this ginger aroma filling the house.”

That’s when the 30-year-old confirmed, “It’s an excellent hangover meal.”

For the full recipe and directions click here.

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