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Laura Govan Blasted Over Nude Selfie … Why The Mother Of Four Is Being Told To Stop!



Another day, another Laura Govan naked selfie.

Govan took to Instagram on Wednesday night to share a snapshot of herself, completely naked while overlooking the ocean in Cabo San Lucas.

The reality star, who is celebrating her birthday, can be seen sitting on a concrete wall overlooking the city. Sure, Govan’s body is dang near perfection — clearly all that time in the gym is paying off. But what her fans are now wondering is simply: Why?


Govan, who shares four children with former NBA player Gilbert Arenas, was blasted by her social media followers for sharing the nude image.

One commenter wrote, “Never be naked for Social Media, TV, and The Public, especially after you have kids that may be negatively impacted by the reaction and the outcome @lauramgovan, women are supposed to be Queens!”

Someone else wrote, “You have school age kids why would you post a photo like that ? how embarrassing would it be for one of your children’s friends to pull up this picture and show it to them?”


Govan is no stranger to posting images of her naked body on social media. Back in May, the reality star shared a snapshot showing off her breasts, only covering the nipple. And we can’t forget about the famous coffee cup photo — you remember, the image where her southern region was being covered by a coffee cup — and only a coffee cup.



It’s also worth noting that Govan has spoken out about being a role model for her daughter and making sure she is high self-esteem.

What do you think? Has Laura gone too far?

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