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We’ve all seen Kim Kardashian’s nipples at least a handful of times — and we literally mean a bare minimum of a handful. But if you think Kim’s constant flaunting of the nip is a bit over the top or absurd, you should probably know that the reality star simply doesn’t GAF.


Lately, Kim has been casually freeing the nipple while wearing sheer clothing around town and for many, the exposure is a bit shocking. So, in a blog post shared on the mother of two’s app, the 35-year-old dished on her latest style and nipple vibes.


In a post titled “Sheer Nipple Vibes,” Kanye West’s wifey revealed some of her favorite nipple-baring outfits, writing:  “I have always loved sheer—I just don’t GAF, LOL.”



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1 Comment

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