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Does Russell Simmons know what it’s like to have a “crazy” baby mama? Not quite.

Last month, Simmons posted a snapshot of himself with his two godchildren, who just so happen to be the youngest children of his ex-wife and mother of his own two kids, Kimora Lee Simmons.

The discussion about Russell’s involvement in his own baby mama’s life came up during an interview with the cast of All Def Digital’s new film Major Deal. What started off as a simple question turned into a bigger debate about “baby mamas.”

HipHollywood recently sat down with the film’s stars, Keraun Harris, aka King Keraun, Simone Shepherd and the man behind the comedy, Russell, to talk about the project, which focuses on an aspiring rapper’s goals to make it big before turning 30.

Why the timeline? The baby mama, played by Simone, is threatening to take their daughter away unless he (Harris) starts making money.

“Definitely, Tina’s character is crazy,” Shepherd admitted. “But I think that a lot of women, few women, will be able to really sympathize with what she’s going through. Maybe not how she handled some of the situations, but definitely be able to sympathize about why she’s so affected in moments.”

And according to Harris, he and Russell had a disagreement about how the movie was going to end, mainly because Russell doesn’t understand what it’s like to have a hype baby mama. “He’s had money for 80% of his lifetime, so because of that, he doesn’t know or see the 99% of the norm of us regular Black men with baby mamas,” Harris told us.

The actor added, “.01 % men that would be the godfather to the baby mama’s future children not with them, which is Russell Simmons.”

Major Deal is available now on VHX and iTunes September 15.


50 Cent Talks Wage Gap: “I’m The Star Of The Movie … They Shouldn’t Get The Same Check!”



Scheming, coniving, calculating … this group of guys will do whatever it takes to get the job done in the new action flick Den Of Thieves.

While Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Pablo Schreiber and O’Shea Jackson Jr. try to pull of an elaborate bank heist, it’s Gerard Butler that trys to stop them in their tracks. They may be at odds on the big screen but it was all bro love off screen … so much so that Fiddy so graciously showed them his sex tape!

All jokes aside, the camaraderie amongst these guys was evident, but it was the diversity amongst the all male cast that made Butler most proud. “This is the most diverse cast and everybody in the movie is fantastic and it’s just great,” the A-lister stated while beaming.

And in addition to the team being diverse, their paychecks were also substantially different … but Fiddy’s take on the wage gap is an interesting one. “I’m the star of the movie, so I have to be paid … those other guys shouldn’t get the same check,” Jackson revealed. But, of course, he said it with a smile.

Den Of Thieves hit theaters Friday, January 19th … get ready for a crazy ride with a twist ending! Oh, and here’s a look at some pics from Tuesday night’s premiere.

The Cast of DEN OF THIEVES attend the Los Angeles Premiere


Mo McRae attends the Los Angeles Premiere of DEN OF THIEVES

O’Shea Jackson Jr. attends the Los Angeles Premiere of DEN OF THIEVES


Sire Jackson and Curtis 50 Cent Jackson attend the Los Angeles Premiere of DEN OF THIEVES

Ice Cube, Kimberly Woodruff, and O’Shea Jackson Jr. attend the Los Angeles Premiere of DEN OF THIEVES.

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