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Exclusive: Five Things You Don’t Know About Tish Hyman



If we were to describe Tish Hyman in three words, it would simply be: Cool, real and exceptional.

Tish has made a household name for herself in the music industry, all thanks to her sultry, unique voice that perfectly crosses over from singing to rapping.

Tish’s hybrid style has allowed her to collaborate with mega names, such as Fabolous and Ty Dolla $ign, and even write for dozens of others. “I always sang since I was a little kid,” Tish recently shared with HipHollywood about the crossover. “Rap was kind of natural to me in my hood. Everybody rapped … It was natural for me.”


The Bronx native made a huge splash after the release of her single “Subway Art,” which still to this day goes down as one of the star’s most popular tracks. And if you are familiar with Hyman, you’ll know that her voice has a similar tone to Lauryn Hill — an artist Tish is often compared to.

During our chat with Tish, she explained that although Hill is one of her biggest “influencers” and that one day she hopes to work with the star, she admitted that the comparison has been “whored around a bit” with other female artists. “If it were waiting for me, I’d be like, ‘Word, I sound like this,'” she said.

The 33-year-old describes her music as “inspirational, motivational and love,” and there is no doubt the star is an open book when it comes to pouring out her feelings on paper.  

Listening to her music, you’ll learn about the singer’s rough upbringing, her desire to love and desire to live. But HipHollywood got down to the nitty gritty about a few things you might not know about Hyman, including her passion for gaming, her ability to cook up some mean ribs and her Russian speaking skills — all thanks to her girlfriend.

Tish’s EP Dedicated To: is available now.

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