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For over 20 years, we’ve all been trying to figure out the truth behind prosecutor Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden’s relationship. And now … the cat is finally out of the bag.

During the 1994 O.J. Simpson trial, the prosecutors appeared to be more than just co-workers. In fact, FX’s recent retelling of the trial alone revealed that there was probably something going on.

Following Sunday night’s Emmy Awards and the success of FX’s The People v. O.J. Simpson, Darden exclusively sat down with Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima and admitted to having more than a friendship with Clark.

“We were more than friends,” Darden said. “We were inseparable back then.” When asked if he would ever share exactly what happened between he and Marcia, he explained, “I think I have told the truth … In lawyer land, a half-truth is a truth.”

But wait, while being pressed by Zima, Darden said he never kissed Marcia, eluding to having an emotional relationship with the author and television correspondent. “I’m not a kisser. Kissing is intimate. Kissing is more intimate than sex,” he said.

He then went on to describe his chemistry with Clark as “fire” but then backtracked and said, “I don’t think fire’s romantic. I think fire’s passion.”

OK, so maybe he didn’t tell all — but he definitely gave us more than ever.

Sterkling K. Brown, who portrayed Darden in The People v. O.J. Simpson and Sarah Paulson, who played Clark in the series, both took home Emmy Awards for the roles on the hit show.

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Exclusive: The Bullet Scars That Will Forever Haunt Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Son, Etienne Maurice



Sheryl Lee Ralph shared a graphic photo on Instagram earlier this week of her son, Etienne Maurice, laying in a hospital bed bandaged up from bullet wounds. The purpose of the image was to be yet another voice calling to end gun violence.

On Wednesday, students across the country walked out of class to protest against gun violence, something that hit home for Ralph four years ago. “This mother wants #gunreform now! #guncontrol now,” she wrote.

It was during a night out in West Philadelphia that Ralph’s then 22-year-old child was robbed at gunpoint and shot three times; twice in the leg and one which grazed his forehead.

So as Ralph joined Wednesday’s national conversation about gun laws, HipHollywood talked exclusively with Etienne who shared exactly what went down the night a gun could have taken his life for good.

“I was shot four years ago, November 9 … I was black out drunk. The next thing I know I remember I woke up in the hospital, doctor said I had two bullet holes in my leg and a grazed bullet hole above my eyebrow.”

Maurice, who was robbed for his iPhone and his wallet, went on to tell us that this is something that he is reminded of constantly. “Having been shot is something that I carry with me every day. I still have numbness at the bottom of my leg from the nerve damage.”

And while he will always remember how he felt knowing his life almost ended, Etienne had a hard time fathoming how his famous mother felt. “We had the conversation about it last week and she said she peed on herself,” he told us.

For Maurice, he’s proud to see young children use their voices to make change. “There’s so many angles where we can talk about gun violence and how it’s effecting different communities,” he said. “Gun reform needs to take place now.”

Since that night, he hasn’t picked up a drink and has been now sober for four years. As for the suspects, a father-son duo, they are behind bars for attempted man slaughter.

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