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Trick Daddy Threatens To Stick His Finger In Rival’s Booty



Man, there’s nothing we would loathe more on a Thursday morning than being former DJ Khaled affiliate Nino Brown. Trick Daddy is furious with the rapper for mentioning his name in a song — so furious he made a profanity-laced three-minute video tirade threatening Brown.

In the video, Mr. Trick makes it clear that if he sees Nino Brown in or around Miami, he’s going to go full GTA on that ass.

“Somebody, somebody let that f*ck n*gga Nino Brown know he can’t go nowhere in Dade County. Your b*tch a** better move to Georgia or Mississippi somewhere you fat f*ck n*gga,” Trick warns. “I’ma stick my finger in your a** you gay, booty a** n*gga. You saying my name in a rap? You fake a** n*gga with all that fake a** jewelry … you a p*ssy.”

“I called Khaled and asked about it. Khaled said he been let your fat ass go cause you were trying to take pictures with his money,” Trick continues.

Nino Brown did respond to the warning by posting this video of himself and a goon holding assaulting rifles that we all know won’t be used to shoot Trick Daddy. But we get it … theatrics and what not.

The Purge! To see the Full video –>

A video posted by NINO BROWN (@ninobrown305) on

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