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This Is Not A Joke … Kevin Hart AKA Chocolate Droppa Lands Major Deal With Motown



Kevin Hart has too much on his plate, so the actor decided to start adding work to his alter ego, Chocolate Droppa.

In case you were unaware, Hart is not only a world-renowned comedian and actor, but the soon-to-be groom is also a rapper. Hart, aka Chocolate Droppa, oftentimes drops bars for his fans, but usually just for fun. But now, it looks like CD is taking things a little more serious.

Kevin announced via Instagram Thursday morning that he signed a deal with Motown. Yes, Motown. “If you’re a rapper I suggest you run because I’m about to come for all of you sucka’s….Y’all just knocked on the door of a small giant that loves chicken nuggets and long walks in the park in the summer….which basically means that I will kill everybody,” he wrote.

He added, “Real Rap Raw mothaf*cka’sssss…….Who wants war???? Raise yo hand B*tches….that’s what I though….Droppa Motha F*cka’s!!!!!!! #WhatNow #hittingtheatersoctober14th #Droppa #TheBestToEverDoIt TAG YO FAVORITE PUNK ASS RAPPER AND TELL HIM THAT HE OR SHE HAS BEEN WARNED!!!!! GAME OVER MOTHA F*CKA’s.”

According to Billboard, CD’s first album will be released this coming fall.

You ready?

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