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Blac Chyna went on a Snapchat rant early Tuesday morning about “b*tches” — rather, “fake a$$ b”itches.”

If you follow Rob Kardashian’s fiancée, then you probably were taken a little aback by Chyna’s aggressive tirade. But for those of you don’t follow the reality star, here’s what happened.

First, BC stared to post pictures that read: “It’s so funny b**ches always gotta new bestie every week Fake A** B**ches. B**ches tell all they business to the next b**ch… And them have a falling out now ur business all out in the streets ! Be smart. Know the company u keep !!!! Everybody not your bestie !!!!”

Naturally, social media followers were trying to figure out what went down? Not to mention, the trailer for she and Rob’s reality show had just debuted and Chyna was filmed screaming at Rob about “texting b*tches.”

So, when asked by fans what transpired in the home of the Kardashians, she responded: “Guys don’t worry Nothing happen with me I’m just putting y’all b**ches on game.”

Eventually, the mother of one lightened up a bit and posted some funny Snapchat filters, but not without giving her fans a little sermon. “I feel like preaching tonight!” she said. “Now I done figured you out. I done figured y’all girls out. Y’all think y’all slick… And now you want to go hang out with the next hot little cute thing. And now you hanging all out with the girl, calling her your ‘bestie.’ You don’t even like the b**ch. I don’t get it.”

We still aren’t sure if Blac was speaking directly to anyone, but we are sure the cryptic message got across to whomever it was intended for.

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Claudia Jordan Seeks Revenge On HH’s Kevin Frazier!



Remember the “Golden Rule”: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

HipHollywood’s Head Honcho Kevin Frazier could have used that piece of advice before stopping by “The Raw Word” on Wednesday, but unfortunately, we didn’t get to him in time. We kid, we kid. It’s more like the “Entertainment Tonight” host got a dose of his own medicine.

Before his chat with “TRW” hosts Michael Eric Dyson, Claudia Jordan and executive producer and guest co-host, Ice-T, HH stopped by the set to get the inside scoop on if they planned on grilling our guy like he’s had to do to so many celebs himself. Instantly, Jordan began plotting her revenge, “he catches people off-guard all the time,” Claudia quipped, “so let him come here and he will find out for himself what the question are because he’s gotten me a couple times.”

Luckily, when Kevin did show up, the two played nice. Check out the clip below and be sure to head to for local listings.

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