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There’s actually a legitimate reason for Young Joc looking a hot damn mess in these pictures. Thankfully, the rapper is not trying to jumpstart a new trend with his permed-out hairdo, but rather taking on the look for an acting gig.


After getting roasted on social media over his hairdo, Joc posted a video explaining why he’s going around looking like 1980s Anita Baker. “I knew yo muthaf*ckin a** was gonna talk about it. I knew it, so I won. But what if I wasn’t even doing it for [attention]. What if I’m playing in a movie role? An extra smooth, cool ass cat that’s just fly. I can’t just do that? I got the part in [my hair]. Sh*t look good. Real player sh*t, man. If I was a white boy, it would be COOL.”

Regardless, the Internet still dragged Joc through the mud over the ridiculous look.

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