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Sorry, Black Guys, But Farrah Abraham Is Just Not Into You



Plastic surgery model Farrah Abraham is apparently not into Black men, and with those artificial cakes she’s rocking backside, we’re pretty sure it’s mutual. Abraham was asked about her dating preferences during an interview on the “Allegedly” podcast and wasted no time expressing her preferences.

“Would you ever bang a lot of brothers?” the host asked Abraham. “Brothers? What does that mean? Brothers? I have no brothers,” the reality TV turned porn star fired back. “Are you into black guys or not? I just ask everybody,” the host pressed.

“I’m always more attracted to white men. I’m not really into black guys,” Farrah remarked before firing shots at another group of reality TV stars. “I think that’s more of a Kardashian thing.”

Needless to say, Black men seem to give zero f**** about the slight.

Regardless, we can’t really knock Farrah for having dating preferences. It’s America, we’re free to sleep exclusively with people of the same skin tone if we want.

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