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Some of the scummiest folks on the Internet are continuing to harass actress Leslie Jones. This time, they’re not throwing racial slurs at her on social media, but hacking her personal website and posting explicit pictures of her. A hacker, or hackers, also published her passport and driver’s license information before the website was taken down.

The documents and files were reportedly obtained by breaking into Leslie’s iCloud account.

The actress has been engaged in a very ugly battle with Internet trolls who have been hurling disparaging racial epithets her way ever since she landed a role in the Ghostbusters reboot. Folks on social media, however, quickly made sure to let Leslie know that she’s loved, and that the people responsible for hacking her and harassing her are total losers.


Critics’ Choice Awards: Jordan Peele, “Get Out” Finally Get The Recognition They Deserve!



We can all agree that Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” was a cinematic highlight of 2017. And now the film that had Black folks side-eyeing tea cups and Beckys is getting its just due on the awards show circuit.

Not only did Peele nab the award for Best Original Screenplay at the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards, but his film also scored a win for Best Sci-Fi or Horror film. And in this instance, the trophy is just as important as the category. Unlike the Golden Globes, which put “Get Out” in the Best Comedy category, the Critics’ got this one right by acknowledging the film in the horror genre.

During his acceptance speech, Peele made note the fact that this was an exceptional year for film and “Get Out” was up against somme stiff competition. And while that may be true, most will not argue that Peele’s masterpiece deserved the trophy.

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