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First they were in love … Then there was a multi million dollar wedding coming … Now apparently it’s over … If you believe the buzz, making its way around the internet, then Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have broken up.

Well that’s what we are hearing, but keep in mind nobody ever really confirmed that they were a couple in the first place. Sure there were lots of reported sources, but we still have not heard from either of the people involved in the relationship, that there really is a relationship.

Jamie was spotted Friday night leaving a Hollywood hot spot solo, but once again, that’s not a surprise because NOBODY has ever confirmed the relationship.

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According to reports two factors played a part in the break up:
1. Suri hated her mom and Jamie together.
2. Tom Cruise’s influence helped stop the wedding.

Until I hear from Jamie or Katie I believe neither, but for the record, the Internet says they are breaking up.

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