Wait? Rob Kardashian Has Lost How Much Weight Since Dating Blac Chyna?

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The future husband of Blac Kardashian has been shedding pounds like nobody’s business since hooking up with the former stripper turned eyelash mogul. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian began dating earlier this year, and in that time, the overweight reality TV star has dropped almost 50 pounds. That’s the equivalent of two car tires or better yet, ten chihuahuas.

The only Kardashian brother says he’s down from a hefty 298 pounds to a less hefty 248 pounds. Rob posted this message on his Instagram documenting his on-going physical transformation:

Rob and Blac Chyna also made headlines earlier this month when they announced they’re engaged. Despite downing a lot of cheeseburgers on social media, the two seem to be committed to improving Rob’s health through exercise and dieting.

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