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Just hours before Kobe Bryant takes the court for the very last time, the champion’s wife, Vanessa Bryant is speaking out.

Bryant posted a long message on Instagram Wednesday afternoon detailing her family’s sacrifice during Bryant’s journey in the NBA. The beauty also not only wrote how thrilled she is for the athlete to be “home more often,” but expressed how thankful she is that their family “managed to persevere against the odds” despite the “ups and downs.”

Read Bryan’s entire post below:

This is it!!! Today’s the day!!!! My family and I are so excited. So happy to hear, “the 4th and FINAL period” one last time. My girls and I are so happy to have Kobe home more often. We’ve all sacrificed so much time, birthdays, holidays, family functions and special events to be there for Kobe. I really want to thank my daughters, Natalia and Gianna, for being patient and understanding how much hard work, sacrifice and dedication it takes to see their dad accomplish so many great things. Kobe has an incredible work ethic and amazing drive to be the best at whatever he sets his mind to and with that comes many sacrifices. We’re thankful for everything the Lord has blessed us with. The road hasn’t always been easy. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I’m so thankful we managed to persevere against the odds. We couldn’t have done it without our faith and God’s grace. We’re so happy to have seen the amount of joy Kobe brings to his fans and the city of Los Angeles. My daughters and I have been present at many of Kobe’s Make-a-Wish meet and greets, and words cannot explain how much joy he brings to people that are going through really difficult times in their lives. I thank all those beautiful families that have allowed us to share in those joyous moments. All of that really helped put things into perspective for me as a wife and mother. We must always remember that when life gets tough, there is always someone facing much more difficult times in their lives. And, in those hard times, we can be each other’s strength, and remember that it’s in the trials of life that God grows us even more! Thank you all for your amazing love and support for our family in all times! We will forever be grateful!! With Love, Vanessa Bryant. 

Kobe will play his last game tonight against the Utah Jazz at the Staples Center.

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1 Comment

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