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When you are Oprah Winfrey, nobody can dictate whether or not you need to be present for a meeting. But on Tuesday, a group of Weight Watchers members were surprised when the media mogul and new co-owner actually physically showed up to a meeting.

Winfrey has been part of WW for six months now and after weeks on weeks of working with the company and focusing on shedding LB’s, the 62-year-old, along with her bestie, Gayle King, decided to show their faces.

The friends captured the meeting via Facebook and filmed the entire group’s reaction when they walked into the room. “We’re going to sit in on my coach’s class…The coach knows I’m coming, the rest of the people don’t know. This is the first meeting I’ve actually been to because I do it online,” Oprah can be heard saying in the clip.

She later told the group,  “We’re live on Facebook right now, and if that’s not OK, you told your husband you were somewhere else.”

Gale shared an image on Instagram of she and Winfrey with the caption:

“@Oprah surprising @weightwatchers meeting ! She’s a good student too paying attention to the teacher… Notice the poster in the background nice… Right? So fun!!”

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.47.58 AM

Could you even imagine?!

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