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NBC News officially invested in the troubles of Ciara and her son’s father, Future.

On Friday morning, published an open letter to Ciara about her relationship with Future as well as to the women who are dealing with baby daddy issues. But before launching into the article, a disclaimer was written that the essay is “an opinion that was submitted and not an endorsement.”

The letter starts off by suggesting Ciara had an “odd reaction” earlier this week while announcing the Billboard Music Award nominations and refused to say her ex-fiancé’s name. “Your body recoiled,” the letter reads.

It goes on, “It troubles me that even with forethought, you may not have recognized such a reaction to be disrespectful, to the man, but more importantly, the son you share with him.”

Writer, Yolanda Young, then goes into detail about her personal struggle seeing her mother endure “years of abuse, verbal assaults but also the occasional slap, choke, and blackeye” by her father.

Young then proceeds to advice Ciara that “the lawsuits and countersuits you and Future have filed demanding the other stop making derogatory remarks will solve your problem, but it is impossible to resolve personal strife in public.”

The letter reads, “What you must do is remember what the two of you shared in private. Recall your child’s father at his most vulnerable, and I’ll bet it won’t be long before you realize that the mean and hurtful things he’s done to you aren’t the result of his being intrinsically evil but rather his being badly broken.”

Read the entire essay here. 

Sound off: Does the write have a point? Should Ciara and Future be a little more diplomatic in their public custody battle?


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  1. Nusaybah

    April 15, 2016 at 6:48 PM

    Yolanda is one crazy bich. She is use to abuse in her home so she is taken back when a woman decides she’s not going to just take it, like yolanda’s mother did. Notice that Ciara has said nothing negative, but Future has trashed Ciara every chance he got. Yet she is writing an open letter to Ciara. It’s always the woman’s fault. Men are rarely held accountable.

  2. L. Thompson

    April 15, 2016 at 7:28 PM

    This letter is so stupid. She should have addressed it to Future and any man that disrespects the mother of their child. This fool has been calling her every name under the sun, and she has kept quiet for over a year. So this idiot woman is basically saying take all the abuse, but don’t retaliate because ya have a child together. How much should a person take? If not announcing his name is the least she could do, then so be it. I wouldn’t have announced that fool name either.

  3. Guest777

    April 16, 2016 at 7:14 AM

    So where was the open letter to Future when he was calling Ciara everything but her name and disrespecting his child’s mother? Ciara didn’t have to say his name during the announcement nor does she ever have to say it unless she is addressing her son. The disrespect and humiliation from her sons father is what she should have been writing about. Let’s stop blaming the women all the time and look at the whole picture. Future just mad she is no longer pining over him and moved on like she was supposed.

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