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Well, here’s one member of the Carey family that won’t be getting an invite to Mariah and James Packer’s nuptials.

MiMi and her sister Alison Carey have been estranged for years, but that hasn’t stopped the 54-year-old from trying to reach out to her superstar sis and plead for help. Alison is facing a myriad of challenges — she is a recovering drug addict who is also HIV positive. Alison was also left brain-damaged following a home invasion attack and is now facing life-threatening brain and spine surgery which will require years of physical rehabilitation. That’s where Mariah comes in.

In a video released to the DailyMail, Alison begs Mariah to help her. She wants to reconcile, but she is also in need of monetary assistance. “Mariah, I love you and I desperately need your help. Please don’t abandon me like this,” Carey says in the video that loops.

While Alison paints the picture that the legendary singer has been less than sympathetic to her plight, a rep for MiMi tells the DailyMail that it’s quite the opposite. “Through the years, Mariah has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Alison and her children,” the rep told Daily Mail Online. “In fact, Mariah has supported her extended family for over two decades.”

What do you think? Should Mariah offer more help to her sibling or has she done enough?

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  1. Victorine19

    April 1, 2016 at 8:01 AM

    I think this woman is horrific and appalling. She has never cut Mariah a break, yet SHE is the one who CHOSE to be a prostitute, do drugs, drink alcohol, etc (one of these activities is what I am sure led to her being diagnosed as HIV positive). She has repeatedly tried to ruin her sister’s happiness when her sister has supported Alison’s children and her extended family. There comes a time, Alison, when you have to take responsibility for YOUR choices. You already let your own children down (who, by the way are all adults and several of whom also have nothing to do with you – so BS on the need to put food in your children’s mouths – you let them down long ago), just fly away and don’t come back. People like you are leeches who turn to the media for $ and sympathy. I have no empathy or sympathy for you – in fact, KARMA has come back to bite you, which I have never seen someone so deserving of…bite the dust already and leave Mariah and the rest of your family (FINALLY) in peace. You are Trash and the public is SICK of hearing about you, from you or about your alleged suffering!

  2. Mariah Careylove

    April 2, 2016 at 10:02 PM

    All this woman does is manipulate Mariah. All we can do is pray for her.

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