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The Beyhive better duck and cover! Khia is back throwing shade, and lemons at Queen Bey. This time, the ‘My Neck, My Back’ singer vented her disdain for Beyonce’s Lemonade visuals  calling it tired, and accused Beyonce of making Black People look bad. On Tuesday, on her “Live Out Loud” internet radio show, Khia went off  saying:

F–k her. The video was tired and through, and long, and it just made Black people look bad as hell. B–ch you walking around with this blonde long hair but you want African kings and queens in your video.

Khia then went in on Tennis champ Serena Williams for participating in the video for “Sorry”. In the video Serena dances around provocatively while Beyonce sits and watches.

Serena twerking for Beyonce looking like her goddamn prop. Beyonce sitting in the queen chair, the light skinned hoe, she got the black b–ch, Serena is the goddess b–ch she shoulda been in the chair.

You black hoes kill me wanting to be like these light skinned hoes. You let this hoe put you on the floor in front of her and twerking your booty and popping your body like all black women do. And here you is…black as a black juicy berry. And you here…you have this hoe with her legs up in her chair while you twerking for her like the slave masters had us doing. B–ch you channel that too?

Below is an excerpt from Khia’s rant posted on the radio shows’ Instagram. Do you agree, or is she just hating on Beyonce … again!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. OshunsGunner1

    May 12, 2016 at 1:34 PM

    As much as Khia cannot speak on the degradation of black women (because she helped with that nasty ass song she made eons ago) I gotta side with her on this one. The thing about it is this: When you’re upfront doing dirt, I can at least respect the fact that you made an open decision to be dirty. But….when you’re undercover and masking it as something else…we got problems. When will people come out of being hypnotized to worship Beyoncé and everything she does and see the true agenda?? She don’t care about none of y’all. She cares about the tickets you buy and no matter how much they costs, y’all brainwashed asses run to purchase them. Celebrities are only as powerful as you make them. I don’t give a fuck how many séances her or any other celeb has done. Your attention makes or breaks them. #enlightenyourself

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