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Social media timelines have been flooded with reaction to Drake’s new album, Views, specifically, Drizzy’s lyrics on his track “Hype.”

The Toronto rapper not only talks about his friend Rihanna, whom he recently has been rumored to be hooking up with, but also presumably raps about his beef with Meek Mill.

Here are five lyrics you should know from the hot track.

(Probably) About Meek Mill: “Last year I know you learned your lesson, I could GPS you if you need addressin’ / Boss up, I’m the bigger homie, But I’m one year older than my lil homie.”

(Probably) About Meek Mill: “Don’t get along man, we tried it, What’s the point in eve trying? / I hate a goofy especially, They always dying’ to mention me / They gotta die out eventually, I cannot give you the recipe.”

You might remember, last year, Meek and Drake delivered several diss tracks to one another and if were were take a poll, Drake would have been the winner.

On Rihanna: “Chasin’ women a distraction, they want to be on TV right next to me,” Drake raps. “You cannot be right here next to me. Don’t you see RiRi right next to me?”

It’s worth noting that the singer is also featured on a track titled, “Too Good” from Drake’s newly released LP.

Sound off: Were the rumors true? Are Drake and Rihanna seriously dating? Is she standing next to him?


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