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In honor of National Lingerie Day, here are 10 celebrities who made us all drool while flaunting their bods in lingerie. Enjoy.

Yes, we know, Zoe Saldana has posed more than once in lingerie, however, the one that will always stick out in our minds is the actress’ 2011 GQ spread ahead of her film, Colombiana. 



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Why Tyler Perry Says He’s A ‘James Evans’ Kind Of Dad



The “Boo” is back!

In Boo 2 A Madea Halloween, Tyler Perry’s character Brian is a bit of a dorky dad … but in real life, Perry says he lays down the law when it comes to his own son, 3 1/2 year old Aman.

HH caught up with Tyler during the press rounds for Boo 2 and the multi-facted mogul gave us some insight on how and why he would be quick to transform into a James Evans (from “Good Times”) kind of dad.

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