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Cory Goldstein, a 22-year-old Environmental Science major at San Francisco State University, is speaking out after his hairstyle became a trending topic this week. Cory, who happens to be White if you haven’t noticed, says that Bonita Tindle harassed him down two flights of stairs over his dreadlocks, accusing him of being a cultural appropriator while physically blocking him from going around her.

“I tried to leave multiple time and she wouldn’t let me. She kept grabbing me, pushing me back, trying to make her point or something. I didn’t want to talk or discuss the situation with her at all,” Goldstein explains in an interview with Xpress News.

“It’s not even part of the colored community’s culture. It may be ingrained in it, but it’s ingrained in so many other cultures than that,” Goldstein says. The student is right if you’re a person that lives in a fact based world. The Ngagpas monks of Tibet wear dreadlocks. Celts, Nordic Vikings and Ancient Egyptians wore them as well.

“When people wear Native American headdresses, I feel like that is cultural appropriation because that is something that solely is within their culture that they use for empowerment. Only people of high standing within that community can have headdresses … Someone having locks, something that is found universally across the world, not just within African culture but everywhere actually, that is not cultural appropriation in my view.”

Tindle has yet to record an interview defending her behavior, but we’re sure it’s coming.

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Seal Under Investigation For Sexual Assault — Did Oprah Controversy Lead To New Claims?



Seal is the latest star to be accused of sexual assault. The timing, however, is a bit peculiar.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department confirmed on Tuesday that they are investigating claims by a neighbor in Malibu that the British singer sexually violated her back in November 2016.

Following the January 13th “neighbor disturbance” call to authorities. officials released a statement that read: “It was determined, however, at the time of the deputies’ arrival there was no disturbance at the location between the victim and any of her neighbors. The victim disclosed to the deputies she, allegedly, had been the victim of a sexual battery in November of 2016.”

Détails aout the allegations are unclear, but according to Seal’s rep, the singer “vehemently denies the recent accusations made against him by a former neighbor for alleged misconduct of more than a year ago. He intends to vigorously defend himself against these false allegations.”

TMZ is reporting that Seal tried to kiss her and then groped her when she went to his home to borrow a salad spinner. That’s when he allegedly belittled her for wearing a tank top and shorts.

The recent accusations come just days after Seal seemingly accused Oprah Winfrey of knowing about Harvey Weistein’s sexual misconduct over the years.

The singer claims he has the upmost respect for Oprah and that his post was not meant to be an attack on the media mogul; but it appears as though his mere insinuation sparked outrage in the neighbor.

The alleged victim not only waited a year to file the complaint, but she waited until the singer was hot in the headlines.

Seal, who has supported the #MeToo movement, has not officially been charged.

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