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A man named Vyron Phillips squared off against Roy Jones Jr. for a chance at winning $100,000 on Sunday night. Unfortunately, Phillips ended up on the wrong side of a knockdown punch in the second round and left the UR Show pay-per-view event empty handed.

Phillips is a fan of the boxing legend but his fandom didn’t prevent the inevitable which you can view below.

Jones did give his opponent some props following their fight, saying, “I wouldn’t challenge Michael Jordan in 1-1 for $100K. That guy has an amazing heart to just try the feat. He went out and challenged the best. That’s a lot of heart.”

Phillips was selected for the fight out of 1,500 other hopefuls competing through a Facebook competition. Additional athletes including in events throughout the night include Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch. UR Show events allow fans to set the card through voting and then watch it after a $11.99 pay-per-view fee.

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