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Kat Stacks is doing the opposite of what a lot of folks do when their sex tape leaks, she’s embracing the moment. Over the weekend, a clip of the Internet model performing fellatio appeared online and Kat responded by thanking her ex for leaking the clip. “I’m relevant again. Shout outs to my bitter ex,” she tweeted before blasting him.

“I showed my p***y on @worldstar and danced naked in 2010 so what the f**k are you gonna expose? Maybe you should try exposing a d*** in my b***. That hasn’t been done,” she also wrote on Twitter.

The ex responsible for leaking the clip, according to Stacks, isn’ t Soulja Boy but rather someone who goes by the Instagram handle of @trill_pme2g. That person is apparently threatening to leak more clips from the sex tape, a threat Stacks doesn’t seem bothered by. “Go head sucker,” she added in a lengthy IG caption in which she also recounts an alleged assault that took place in Houston. 

Go head sucker . Expose my so called sex tape? Don’t remember doing one with you , recording me off guard & making threats telling me you going to release more ? Let’s talk about YOU now. How you flew me to Houston for vacation and pretended to be a Drug dealer? But you were really a Pimp. You got about 4-5 hoes working for you. You brought me to one of their house while they were gone & laid up watching Netflix with me & had sex on their bed? #Triffling. You also used their money to pay for my hotel room, food & #VictoriaSecret outfit? You told me not to complain when you went to pick up money from your hoes as long as I was straight taken care of? You a clown. A Fake Pimp. You also took me to eat at your mama’s house & let me wear your chain & ring. But then got mad because I didn’t wait for you at the hotel & went out with @its_sweets_ to go to @clubonyxhouston so when I got back & met up with you you beat on me & threaten to crash the car & kill us both so I punched you in the eye & you kicked me out the car & left me stranded TWICE. Now you wanna be grimey posting crap online @trill_pme2g

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While we can’t show the clip in question on our website, you can find it by visiting Kat’s Twitter account.

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