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A video just hit the Web of rapper YG being completely manhandled by cops and it’s causing quite a bit of commotion on social media.

In a clip posted by @taylormade90746, YG can be seen being tackled and cuffed by law enforcement while on Hollywood Blvd. “I’m sending to TMZ my n*gga,” someone in the background can be heard saying.

Police hemming my nigga @yg up right now on hollywood blvd call Johnny Cochran this shit crazy

A video posted by WORLD WIDE REESE🔌 (@taylormade90746) on

But what was initially unclear is the authenticity of the arrest.  In the visual, several video cameras were close by filming the entire incident. Not to mention, there were several people being apprehended.

It is being speculated that this was all for a music video and that the rapper was trying to make a statement.

Calls to the rapper’s reps have not been returned.

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