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Note to the haters: Don’t bother coming for Zendaya, because she really won’t care.

The 19 year-old actress has proven herself to be a style trendsetter and pretty much fearless when it comes to her look. Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan. While she usually receives tons of love, the hate is inevitable … like that time she wore a mullet to the Grammys. But, believe it or not, Z doesn’t give a crap how you feel about her varying looks. “The most important thing is you go out with the idea of loving and appreciating yourself,” the “K.C. Undercover” star told HipHollywood. “The only opinion I’m worried about hearing or the only review I want to hear is one from myself!”

Such a level-headed young lady! Zendaya also chatted with HH about being a role model and how it’s a responsibility she enjoys. Check out our exclusive interview with Z.

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