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Who you gonna call? The new or old “Ghostbusters”!

There’s a new team of ghost-getters on the hunt and this time around they’re all women. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon star in the “Ghostbusters” reboot and ‘Buster’ alum Ernie Hudson, who’s making a cameo in the new film, gave the cast an A+. “I had a great time shooting the movie. I think it’s a great cast, I hadn’t met the cast before I had went to work. They’re great people, very funny, great script, the special effects are off the hook.”

Hudson, who couldn’t divulge his role in the Reboot, says he’s happy it’s an all female cast. “I’m kind of glad in a way that it’s women so you won’t get the comparisons with the old film.” Take a look at the “Ghostbusters” trailer below and tell us if you’re glad it’s women, too!

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Clapback Queen … Yvette Nicole Brown Got Time Today!



Yes, you can now call Yvette Nicole Brown the “clapback queen”.

Brown has proven she has a way with words and is lethal with her language when it comes to social media shade. And while she tries not to dish it out too often, she found plenty of time to set folks straight about the cancellation of her comedy The Mayor.

The show starring Brown and Brandon Michael Hall never quite got its footing on ABC, which Yvette understood, but it was folks thinking that Lea Michele was the real star of the show that got her fingers tapping away on Twitter.

When HH talked to Yvette she explained why she felt it was important to set the record straight. Plus she revealed the only reason she would ever delete a tweet … actually it’s two reasons.

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