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A woman kicked out of a Donald Trump rally says people yelled racial epithets at her while pushing her through the crowd. The disgusting incident went down on Tuesday at a Trump Super Tuesday rally in Louisville, Kentucky.

“I was called a n*gger and a c*nt and got kicked out,” Shiya Nwanguma, a University of Lousiville student told reporters following the scene. “I just got escorted out by the police. The people at the rally were pushing and shoving me, cursing at me, yelling at me, called me every name in the book. They are disgusting and dangerous.”

Video recorded of the incident has also emerged online, showing an older White man continuously shoving the girl. Noted White supremacist Matthew Heimbach, seen in the video wearing a red cap, claims that it was Nwanguma and a #BLM group that started the physical confrontation all though there is no evidence to substantiate that claim.


Ciara Defends #LevelUp Post After Getting Blasted By All The Single Ladies



Ciara got blasted by a slew of fans over the weekend after sharing a video singling out the singles.

On Saturday, the mother of two posted a video of Pastor John Gray suggesting “a wife is not the presence of a ring, but it is the presence of your character.”

In the clip, Gray, who has been known to make homophobic comments on social media, preached, “Too many women wanna be married, but you’re walking in the spirit of ‘girlfriend.’ When you carry yourself like a wife, a husband will find you.”

Cici captioned the video, “#LevelUp.”

#LevelUp. Don’t Settle.

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The post offended a slew of single women, who claimed it was a complete dig towards women who have not tied the knot. Many people also blasted the star for forgetting about her own personal woes with ex-fiancé and baby daddy, Future.

Following the backlash, the singer, who is now married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, seemingly defended her message by explaining what she went through years ago. “I was once that girl wanting to be loved a certain way but was making the wrong choices,” she wrote on Twitter.

She explained, “I was a single mom sitting at home, and I then realized that the perfect love I was looking for was how God loves me, how He wants me to be loved, and who He was calling me to be as a mom and as a woman. That’s when I realized married or not married… I needed to love myself. #LevelUp.”

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