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Kim Kardashian posted a seemingly random nude selfie on Monday morning and actress Bette Midler has something to say about it.

Midler, who has been extremely opinionated via social media these days, insinuated via Twitter that fans have seen every inch of Kim’s naked bod, therefore, she should take it up a notch and “swallow a camera.”

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Kim has not directly responded to Midler’s post, however, we wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow morning we all get a glimpse of Kim’s liver, larynx or colon.

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This is not the first time Bette has used the social media platform to speak her mind. The day of the 2016 Academy Awards, the 70-year-old tweeted her reaction to the lack of inclusion in the year’s Oscar nominees.

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By the way, we are totally here for all of Midler and her antics.

Click to see a few photos of Kim Kardashian’s published nudes. (Not including sex tape images.)

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