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What is happening in the world?! We knew Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose kissed and made up, but we didn’t know their admiration for each other ran so deep.

Amber Rose just took to Instagram to defend her ex boyfriend’s wife after apparently being targeted by singer, Pink.

On Tuesday, Pink praised women for using their brains and not their bodies, and although she didn’t utter Kim’s name, it was insinuated that the pop star was shaming Kim for her recent nude selfie.

Either way, Rose was not having it and attacked Pink for her comments. “If a grown mother of 2 is comfortable with her body and wants to show it off that’s none of ur business or anyone else’s,” Muva wrote.

She added, “Pink, We’ve seen u damn near naked swinging from a rope( Beautifully) but what’s the difference between a rope, a pole and a pic on Instagram? Classism. Because u sing while ur half naked does that make it “Classy” or is it because u have a “talent”?

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 7.23.33 AM

Pink has yet to respond to Amber’s post. But is this the start of a brand new Twitter war?


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