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The woman known as “Superhead” is dealing with Twitter backlash after calling Oprah Winfrey a “hoe” on Twitter. Why the New York Times best-selling author is referring to Winfrey as a gardening tool is beyond us, but here’s the tweet that ignited the controversy.

Oh, she meant “ho” not “hoe.” That makes more sense now. In an effort to justify her own well-documented promiscuous past, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans singled out Oprah and Maya Angelou as examples of women who’ve had questionable sexual backgrounds before finding success.

Her point is well-taken, even if unwarranted. In the 1940s, Maya was a prostitute and San Diego “madam” who went on to become a Pulitzer Prize nominated poet. As for Winfrey, she’s admitted in the past to being sexually promiscuous. “I used to run away from home, and bring boys home and cause all kind of problems for myself,” she told Barbara Walters in a sit-down interview.

Oprah also revealed that that behavior started after being sexually assaulted as a child. “And I was raped when I was nine by a cousin, and never told anybody until I was in my late twenties. Not only was I raped by a cousin, I was raped by a cousin, and then later sexually molested by a friend of the family, and then by an uncle. It was just an ongoing, continuous thing. So much so, that I started to think, you know, ‘This is the way life is.'”

Regardless, a lot of Black Twitter was not here for Superhead comparing herself to the prolific women. This is a woman who just three years ago posted a picture of herself masturbating on Instagram.

What do you all think though? Does Karrine have a point? When does society stop viewing a “ho” as a “ho”? How long does their “ho” past follow them around? Let us know in the comment sections.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. sunni_daze

    March 8, 2016 at 1:25 PM

    I can’t take nothing serious from a woman who made her career on her knees and back. Sorry Karrine, you are the real hoe

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