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Wiz Khalifa did not play Kim Kardashian’s sex tape during a concert in Chicago. That’s the rumor going around online, but as savage as it may sound, it’s completely untrue. Khalifa has been on tour in South America all week, which the last time we checked, is very far from Chicago.

Still, several websites didn’t let things like facts prevent them from circulating the bogus rumor that appears to be started by this Twitter user:

That user later went on to confirm that her tweets were fake despite them being picked up by multiple bloggers too lazy to fact check. If Wiz had done played a clip, it would have been a brutal rebuttal in his war of words with Kanye West. Last week, Ye blasted Khalifa on Twitter, telling him that he let a stripper trap him by having his kid, and that his style is derived from Kid Cudi. 

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