What Job? Derek Fisher Goes On Holiday With Gloria Govan

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Derek Fisher isn’t letting a thing like getting fired by the New York Knicks dull his shine. In fact, the former head coach was spotted leaving for an international vacation on Wednesday night with the woman that likely cost him his job, Gloria Govan.

Matt Barnes estranged wife posted this now deleted group picture on Instagram showing her and a group of people holding passports and plane tickets. D. Fish appears in the background rocking a baseball cap while making a “call me” gesture with his hands. A source close to Govan tells HipHollywood that the former Lakers guard is smitten with the former reality TV star.

According to multiple reports out of New York, Fisher lost the respect of his players after getting into a physical altercation with Barnes over Govan. Barnes and Fisher were former teammates and friends before Fisher began his romantic tryst with her.

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