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Here’s something you don’t see everyday: a referee admitting to making a mistake during an NBA game.

Golden State Warrior star Draymond Green exploded in frustration during last night’s contest after being charged with a foul for blocking Houston Rockets player Patrick Beverly’s layup. The block was clean to anyone watching the game on TNT, and after seeing it played back again inside Oracle Arena, the referee admitted his mistake.

Ref knew he messed up, tells Draymond Green , “I’m wrong,” aft…

Ref knew he messed up, tells Draymond Green , “I’m wrong,” after a blown call.

Posted by Bleacher Report on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

See there, not all referees are intentionally trying to drive our favorite team to the bottom of their division.


HBD Rihanna: 5 Times RiRi Proved She Could Werk Her Birthday Cakes



You already know it doesn’t have to be Rihanna’s birthday for her to shake her cakes. She does, after all, have a whole song dedicated to it. Fact is, the Bajan beauty can dip it, pop it, twerk it and dutty whine it, with the best of them. And, she does it so effortlessly. So today as we celebrate the “bad gal” turning the big 3-0, here’s 5 times she worked her ass(ets) off. Yes, all puns intended!

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