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Actor Don Cheadle is tackling the life of legendary jazz musician Miles Davis in the upcoming biopic, Miles Ahead. Cheadle, who also directs the film, is joined on screen by Ewan McGregor who stars as a Rolling Stone journalist tasked with covering the turbulent Kind of Blue artist.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cheadle discusses how he went from only acting to also directing the biopic. “When I met with [Miles’] family, I told them I wanted to do something that wasn’t like I had seen before, and I had a take on the movie, that if I was going to play him, that it had to be as creative and different, that if it wasn’t as aspirational as he was, then I wasn’t really that interested. And before I got to my house after that meeting, it kind of came to me that that would be hard for anyone else possibly to see it the same way that I was seeing it, so if I was going to do it, I’d probably have to direct it. And as I was calling them, they were kind of calling me to say the same thing.”

Miles Ahead is scheduled for an April 1, 2016 release. Check out the trailer below.


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