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80’s music lovers clearly have a strong disliking for famous momager turned author, Kris Jenner.

Over the weekend, Jenner took the stage at The Forum to introduce Culture Club during iHeart Radio’s iHeart80s party. Sadly, the moment she walked out, the crowd erupted in boos. Seriously … the entire time Kris was on stage.

And although visibly upset, Kim Kardashian’s mother did not let the roaring stop her from doing the task at hand. “From the moment I heard about Boy George back in the 80s, I was completely obsessed, not only with his music but inspired by his fashion and style,” she told the crowd.

“I wanted the hat, the eyebrows, the red lips and the blush,” Jenner continued. “Meeting him last summer in France was exciting and the start of an awesome friendship and he even celebrated my 60th birthday with me.”

The reality star managed to make it through the introduction, but disappointed would probably be an understatement. Jenner did not respond to the incident via social media and the reps for the event have declined to comment.

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