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Jason Derulo suffered another injury this week during his stay in Paris but it turns out, the trauma wasn’t as bad as initially reported.

Over the weekend, while in the City of Light for his Everything Is 4 tour, it was reported that the pop star was rushed to the hospital after injuring himself dancing at Le Loft Metropolis nightclub.

Initial reports claimed Deulo cut his foot while busting out some moves for his fans at a tour after-party. Jason’s girlfriend, Daphne Joy, even posted an image on Snapchat of Jordin Sparks’ ex lying in bed while apparently getting stitches. “Twenty stitches … what’s next,” Derulo said in the clip.

But per the pop star, the story was a bit exaggerated. “Let me set the record straight. I was a little intoxicated when I said I had 20 stitches, I actually didn’t have any stitches at all. I did injure my foot though,” he said in a Snapchat video on Tuesday.

“While I was on the bus I was barefoot and I stepped on the sharp edge of an AC vent but nothing too serious, I assure you. If you’ve been to my shows in the past couple of days you know it’s nothing really serious but the hospital was nice enough to come on the bus and treat my little cut, so that’s about it.”

We are glad Jason is ok.


Colin Kaepernick, Steph Curry Want In On Carolina Panthers Ownership!



Colin Kaepernick might’ve just eluded to the desire to own an NFL team over playing for the league.

As Kaepernick’s journey remains unclear with the NFL, one thing is now known for sure, he wants to own a team. But get this, he’s not alone.

Following the announcement by Carolina Panthers owner, Jerry Richardson, that he is selling the team, Diddy immediately started to campaign. “I would like to buy @panthers. Spread the word,” he tweeted. “There are no majority African American NFL owners. Let’s make history.”

In response, not only did Kaepernick tweet that he wants to be part of “the ownership group,” but Golden State Warriors star, Steph Curry, also expressed he wants “in.”

Diddy followed up with,”Holla at me, let’s get it.”

To have a team owned by Diddy, Curry and Kaepernick would flip the league upside down and paint the picture for change. But what could they do for the league?

According to Diddy, if his dream came to fruition, the first thing he would do is address the Kaepernick “situation.” It was last season that the then 49ers quarterback kneeled in protest against racial inequality and police brutality.

The protest sparked national outrage, division across the NFL and even lead to Colin being blackballed — but could Diddy be the answer to the league’s controversial discussion?

The bigger question is; would Colin choose to take the corporate side over the field?

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