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It’s a question we’ve been asking for weeks: What has gotten into Kanye West?

From random Twitter tirades to backstage meltdowns to onstage antics, Yeezy has been a bit off of his rocker; more so than usual. And since we can’t seem to figure out what is going on with Kim Kardashian’s husband, we thought we’d ask someone who has known the rapper for almost two decades.

While on the red carpet for the All Def Movie Awards, HipHollywood caught up with actor/comedian O’Neal McKnight to get his thoughts on Ye’s recent isms. According to the Kosher Soul star, it all comes down to the father of two’s astrological sign.

“I’ve known Kanye for 16 years,” McKnight explained. “I’m always on the fence, I love Kanye. I just think he’s a Gemini, they have creative head butting going on.”

He continued, “I think that a lot of times Kanye is the most creative guy, but he just don’t really know how to articulate himself sometimes. He’s frustrated creatively. 2 Pac was a Gemini. A lot of great artists are Gemini’s.”

Recently, Kanye revealed that he has a new album coming out this summer. But given he just released The Life of Pablo two weeks ago, we are curious to see how this plays out.

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