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Last week conservative TV host Tomi Lahren made headlines after her critique of Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 5o halftime performance.

Lahren received major backlash for her thoughts on Beyonce paying tribute to the Black Panthers, ultimately landing on Charlamagne The God’s “Donkey of the Day.”

The Breakfast Club host’s comments clearly were too much for Tomi to bite her tongue on, so The Blaze host invited the radio personality to discuss  the subjects at hand: Black Lives Matter, the Black Panther Party, police brutality and Jay Z’s past.

Check it out the heated debate below.

Tomi Lahren & CharlamagneTha God go head-to-head over the Blac…#BlackLivesMatter, Beyoncé Bowl and the Black Panthers – let’s start the conversation. Visit to watch the full show on-demand.

Posted by Tomi Lahren on Monday, February 15, 2016

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