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British singer VV Brown is being accused of lightening her skin to appease her fan base. According to one gossip website, Brown made the decision since she’s “a lot more popular with White audiences than with Black audiences.” The entertainment outlet also posted images that they say show Brown’s color transformation.

The website goes on to write that the singer will be debuting “her new look at a Gala Dinner event taking place in London on March 8.” That dinner is for the Girls I Rate club, an organization that reportedly celebrates and encourages more gender and ethnic diversity in the creative industries.

What the irresponsible website neglected to mention is that the images they posted as evidence of their claim are from a music video shoot in which the singer plays a White woman.

“It begins. I have made a music video about white privilege and I have been judged as bleaching my skin in real life,” Brown tweeted. Do you really think that is what I look like on the streets? Art and music can have a much deeper message than that.”

And as evidence that the skin bleaching rumors are bogus, Brown posted this photograph of herself.

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