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British rock group Coldplay and Queen Beyoncé are being accused of cultural appropriation after shooting an Indian inspired music video for their “Hymn for the Weekend” collaboration. Visuals for the song feature Beyonce in indigenous garb performing Hindu dances while Coldplay frontman Chris Martin sings on the streets of Mumbai.

Some have compared the vid to Iggy Azaela’s “Bounce,” which the Australian rapper was crucified for making. In that video, Iggy dances around in desi attire while rapping about getting tipsy and tipping strippers.

“It’s not racist, it’s culture appropriation,” one person wrote on YouTube of the video. “If a woman or man of an Indian descent is seen wearing their native clothing in countries such as the U.S., they are often discriminated against and are targeted for their appearances. However if a Caucasian woman or man wears such attire, they are not ridiculed at all, but in fact complimented for how ‘ethnic’ they look. Personally, that disgusts me.”

That response and others like it have a lot of people questioning why there’s a double standard when it comes to Beyoncé and Coldplay committing a similar act.

Celebrating different cultures is what “Hymn for the Weekend” director Ben Mor says his video is all about. “I sincerely hope that our love and respect for the culture and people of India comes across loud and clear in the video,” he said in an recent interview.

Still, what do YOU think? Is “Hymn for the Weekend” an example of cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation?

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