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Tiffany “New York” Pollard is making headlines this morning after a video surfaced of the reality star learning about the death of David Bowie. But despite the emotional, chaotic moment, it’s the story behind the tragic revelation that is unfortunate.

David Bowie’s ex wife of 10 years, Angie, is currently starring alongside Pollard on UK reality show, Celebrity Big Brother. Angie found out about David’s passing on Sunday but on Tuesday, the reality star decided to tell some of cast mates, including John Partridge and David Gest.

Eventually, Angie decided to share the news with Tiffany, but that is when the sad news became a big misunderstanding. “David’s dead,” Angie told Pollard during Tuesday night’s episode. The former Flavor of Love star became hysterical and broke down crying. “You can’t do that,” Angie told her.

Turns out, Tiffany thought it was their cast mate David that Angie was talking about who apparently earlier in the day had complained about not feeling well. “You’re playing, I know you’re joking,” Pollard responded, before running through the house only to find David sitting in bed. “David, she just told me that you’re dead,” New York said. “Why the f*ck would she say that?”

Tiffany eventually learned that it was Angie’s ex-husband who had died, but what a horrible feeling she must’ve had. “I’m very sorry about what happened earlier,” NY later told Angie. Tiffany’s cast mate, who was married to Bowie from 1970-1980 responded, “I should’ve said ‘my ex husband.'”

Bowie died on January 10 at the age of 69 after a long battle with cancer.


Kim Kardashian Savagely Claps Back At Lamar Odom Over Khloe Diss



Let’s be clear, Kim Kardashian isn’t a savage, but her clapback to Lamar Odom after he low key dissed her sister Khloe was pretty ferocious.

After Odom appeared on BET’s The Man Cave and told the hosts that he knew his marriage to Khloé was over “when she was with her second or third NBA ballplayer,” Kim got him all the way together.

“Or second or third brothel,” she shot back via Twitter.

The former NBA player reportedly frequented brothels including Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch were he infamously overdosed back in October 2015. Khloe helped nurse him back to health and even called off their divorce until he was fully recovered.

Odom told the hosts that he has nothing but love for her and wished well with her new relationship with Tristan Thompson and her pregnancy. “I’m happy for her! She took care of me,” he said. “She’ll be a good mother, for real. She’s a great woman.”


You can see the full episode of BET’s Mancave Thursday at 8/9c.


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