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If you saw episode 1 of Mob Wives, season 6, than you know things got a little heated between new cast member Brittany Fogarty and Renee Graziano. The ladies bumped heads over Brittany’s mothers’ decision to cooperate with the Feds to avoid jail time. Brittany said her mother didn’t want her children to end up in foster care. Renee said she’d do the time, even if it meant her son A.J. would end up in the system.

Graziano later got some flack from fans about her stance, but she said she didn’t get a chance to finish explaining herself. Speaking exclusively to HipHollywood, Graziano told us she’d NEVER put her son in foster care.

“One I wouldn’t do anything criminal to have to put my child in foster care,” Graziano explained.  “However if I did do anything criminal, I have a mother, a father, two sisters, aunts, uncles and anyone else, and I’m pretty sure so does Brittany’s mom.”

Renee said she doesn’t know Brittany’s mom personally, but firmly believes she should have taken responsibility for her crime. “I really don’t know her whole story, if she chose to commit criminal activity, and then to lessen her sentence, tattle tale. Sorry I don’t agree with that. Me, I have to take my punishment, because it was my crime.”

Watch Graziano’s full explanation above, and check back next week for part two of our interview where she discusses who else has beef season 6, why she took a break from filming, and if this is really the final season of Mob Wives.

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