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Rapper Mos Def was arrested in South Africa this week after attempting to leave the country using an “illegal document.” According to one official, Mos presented a “World Passport” to immigration officers at the Cape Town International Airport, an id he allegedly obtained off of the Internet.

Mos, who now goes by Yasiin Bey, was temporarily taken into custody, but appeared in court on Friday where he was given 14 days to leave the country. That in itself presents a unique challenge since the Brooklyn emcee previously renounced his US citizenship and does not have a valid passport.

“[Mos] has been living in South Africa with his family without the necessary permits, he was detained upon departure for using illegal travel docs,” Mayihlome Tshwete, spokesman for the South African Department of Home Affairs, tweeted. “We are all fans guys … but the law is the law. The Department Of Home Affairs has given [Mos] and his family 14 days to leave the republic.”

Bey entered South Africa on a legitimate U.S. passport, but overstayed his visitor’s permit. He previously attempted to return to the United States in 2014, but was barred due to “legal issues” and his renouncement. Where Mos plans on going next, and how he plans on entering is unknown.

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