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Just hours after berating Wiz Khalifa on social media, Kanye West was spotted at LAX where he was all smiles.

The rapper, probably on cloud nine after releasing some serious aggression via Twitter, appeared to be in great spirits as photographers surrounded him before a flight out of LA’s famous airport.

Yeezy, who sported all Yeezy swag, including black sweats, a black sweatshirt and utility jacket, created quite the media frenzy when he pulled up in a sexy, white Rolls Royce.

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On Wednesday morning, Kanye flooded social media timelines after he went off on Wiz Khalifa for questioning the newly changed title of his upcoming album, Waves.

However, after claims that Wiz got trapped by his “stripper” ex-wife, Amber Rose and that Wiz wouldn’t have a kid if it “weren’t for me,” Kanye backtracked and decided to delete the messages; but don’t worry, we have you covered.

Click here to see yesterday’s full exchange. Also, if you really want to be entertained, click here to see Amber Rose’s full response back to Kanye. Let’s just say the words “fingers” and “a$$hole” made the clap back cut.

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