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Internet troll Gilbert Arenas has deleted his Instagram account after being called out for using the platform to make fun of Flint residents. People living in the predominately African-American city are facing a multitude of health issues following the contamination of their city’s water supply.

While celebrities like Meek Mill, The Game, Eminem and Diddy have made financial contributions to help bring clean water to Flint residents, Arenas saw the crisis as an opportunity to troll folks, specifically women.

“Am I the only dude blocking any girl from Flint right now? Hahahahah. Sorry ladies, but your dirtiness is public. You’ve been washing your a** with dirty lead water for months. Can’t be f*cking no sour pus. Hit me when you move to 8 Mile,” the disgraced former NBA star captioned one image.

After being slammed for his ignorance, Arenas responded to critics with more insults:

“I see all the chicks from Flint is mad at me. I don’t know why. Nobody told you too post ya’ll bath water, sh*t looking like ya’ll about to brew tea.”

Arenas deleted his IG following backlash over the comments. And while we don’t know what you’re thinking after reading the messages, we know what we’re thinking.

You can see the images Arenas posted along with their inflammatory captions when you flip the script.

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  1. K-Storm

    January 26, 2016 at 6:20 PM

    I wonder who deleted his account for him. I doubt he figured out how to do it himself.

  2. JiGGLeBiLLy

    February 1, 2016 at 12:48 AM

    That guy is barely literate…

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