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Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is dealing with a PR nightmare this morning after comments she made during an interview with Variety were misconstrued. Stewart was asked about the lack of great roles for women in Hollywood to which she offered this response:

“Instead of sitting around and complaining about that, do something … Go write something, go do something. And that’s easy to say. It’s hard to get movies made. It’s a huge luxury. Who gets to just make movies? But that subject is just so prevalently everywhere right now, and it’s boring.”

Unfortunately, Variety unfairly used that quote to pass Stewart off as an establishment racist slamming those calling for more diversity at this year’s Oscars. The outlet’s spin led many on Twitter to nail Stewart to the cross.

While Variety has apologized for their mistake, Stewart will have to deal with their error for the foreseeable future. Her initial quote went viral, but the clarification from Variety has not. It’s an unfair painting of the actress, but a story we all know well in the digital age. Information is constantly being reshaped by news outlets to generate web traffic.

You can watch Stewart’s discussion on gender equality below.

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Don’t Worry, Stacey Dash Still Hates Us Black Folks!



Pigs are not flying and hell has not frozen over…

When Damon Dash announced that he was doing a movie called “Honor Up” with Cam’ron and his cousin, conservative Trump-lover extraordinaire Stacey Dash, the internet exploded. The poster alone, with Dash sporting braids and hoop earrings, was enough to torch Stacey’s mentions reminding the actress of her BET-hating, Obama-shading ways.

Captioned, “This is really happening #HonorUp in theaters February #staytuned,” folks really believed Damon. Even ESPN’s Jemele Hill pulled Stacey’s card…

But it seems as though Damon may be out here spreading #FakeNews. Stacey has put her cousin on blast for using their family ties to promote the film.

However, it’s worth noting that Dash didn’t say she wasn’t in the film … just that she doesn’t have a written contract with Damon or Kanye West production company to use her name or image in advertising. Things that make you go, hmmmm.

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