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[UPDATE:] The Game is still at it, poking fun at Stitches after being hit by Game’s manager. His latest Instagram message reads:

“The same mouth this p*ssy talked about MY KIDS from got busted the f*ck open now the stitches on ya mouth ain’t no f*ckin tattoo…… You brought ya lil dumb a&& up there wit 5 clowns packed in a Porsche, drove around for 2 hours making a Insta-Movie, all 5 got out the car acting tough because the police was out there, you ran up, ya homies didn’t move & you got yo p*ssy a&& knocked out on video in front of the police…… Now all of a sudden, ya IG page PRIVATE lol….”


The Game was on cloud nine on Thursday night after his rap nemeses, Stitches, got knocked out by his manager.

Apparently, while in front of Miami Beach’s Story Nightclub, Stitches was upset he couldn’t get into the venue. It’s being reported that the rapper assumed Game was the reason for him not being able to get in.

Visibly upset, Stitches waited out front until Game left the club and that’s when things took a turn. But before the incident could get too out of hand, it was Game’s manager who ended it with one hard punch to Stitches’ face.

Cops did arrive to the scene, detained Stitches and his crew and wound up tasing Game’s manager. It’s not certain whether or not anybody was booked.

But, Game was pleased to see the outcome and proudly professed what happened on Instagram.

“Young boy got a f*ckin glass jaw….. Boy was out cold for about 45 seconds after that coldddddd right…. Tried to get up, fell back down……. This yo city ??? Naw… This a Zoe city,” Game wrote. “Now post a video of that lip so the world can see & don’t wait two weeks to show yo face or give us no old pics…. We ain’t buying it…. ” un huh, okay, wassup, SHUT UP.”

The rapper also posted a video of the knock out with a simple caption:

“Night night ni&&a.”


Reality Show Curse Strikes Again? Lyrica Anderson & A1 May Be Searching For A Storyline, Not A Separation



Here we go again. Another reality TV couple bites the dust … or gets hella dramatic on social media in order to secure a new storyline. You decide!

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star Lyrica Anderson had everyone talking when she took to Snapchat to post this little message.

The singer/songwriter outed her husband A1 Bentley as a cheater and vowed that she was #single … all on Snapchat. We’re calling BS, and here’s why — Princess Love. This whole “my man is cheating so I’m outing him on social media” must be in the Love & Hip Hop playbook. Ray J’s wife pulled the same stunt just a few weeks ago and we all know how that ended … with them back together. Honestly, this happens every season, and every season we fall for it. Well, no more.

Lyrica, we know you just put out new music and you want everyone to hear it, but this ain’t the way, sis. And A1, nice try with the whole, “I’m going to delete all her pics on IG” move, but we’ve been here, done that. We not falling for these antics anymore so it would be really dope if y’all would stop playing games and just be a happy married couple. Save the forced drama for Joseline Hernandez.

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