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Stacey Dash Suspended After Claiming President Obama Doesn’t “Give A Sh*t”



Stacey Dash is coming under fire again for not only slamming President Obama on air, but out right saying that he doesn’t “give a sh*t.”

The Clueless star, who serves as a contributor for Fox News, stated her opinion on Obama’s recent terrorism speech in the wake of the San Bernardino massacre. But Dash’s comments were buried behind her foul language.

“I felt like he could give a sh*t,” the 48-year-old professed, before realizing what she said. “Excuse me, he could care less. He could care less. Here we have 14 people dead. Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, his speech should’ve had a lot more passion.”

Dash was suspended for her language, which Fox senior executive vice president Bill Shin called “completely inappropriate and unacceptable for our air.” Quoted by CNN, Shin also stated “Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel do not condone the use of such language.”

Fox News analyst, Ralph Peters, was also suspended for calling President Obama “a total p___” during Sunday’s Fox Business Network.

Both were suspended for two weeks.

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